thanks for the boot

 This past Spring I started having pain in my right foot that wouldn't go away.  I gradually stopped running because it hurt too much.  Seven months later, I went to the doctor (hello, Mama, take care of yourself!) and learned something interesting.  I have an extra bone in my foot (!), which I had apparently damaged during a run where my mileage increased too quickly.  The condition has a name: accessory navicular syndrome.  The treatment called for me to wear a stabilizer boot for seven weeks.  No gym, no walking my dogs, no wearing two matching shoes.

As I type this, I have a bag of frozen peas on my foot (my ice pack of choice) after my first morning back to the gym in over two months!  The boot has done its job and now I can ease back into my activities with the very hopeful goal of getting back into running.

There have been gifts to count, even during this frustrating, limiting experience:

More sleep!  I slept in until 7am many, many mornings.  Perhaps this additional rest was the reason that, although my whole family came down with colds during Christmas vacation, I remained healthy.

Slowing down!  I couldn't garden, stand for long periods of time, or walk very far.  Instead, I completed lots of crochet projects, read books and lived at a different pace than normal.

Practicing being content!  I tried ever so hard not to complain.  I know I wasn't 100% successful, but it was a good discipline to focus on accepting my limitations with grace.

Finding His gifts in unexpected places...a good way to begin a new week!

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