my new hobby

I've been staring at a crochet hook whipping its way through yarn quite a bit lately.  It all started when I bought my eight-year old daughter this book for Christmas:

Along with a sewing basket covered in brightly colored fabric with peace signs, some yarn and crochet hooks, it made a perfect Christmas present.

Clare likes the book, she really does, but she isn't getting much time to read it because someone else has been using it…ahem!  I have read quite a few different kids crochet books from the library, but this is my favorite one by far.  The instructions are excellent and easy to follow.  Since Christmas, I have mastered single crochet, increasing and decreasing.  I have made a tool pouch for Clare's crochet goodies, a wavy headband for my six-year old daughter, and….ta-da!  These fun beanies for the girls!

Dorothy (6) and Clare (8); smiling sisters

Dorothy's hat was made from a self-striping pink/brown yarn, Clare's from a thicker off-white yarn.  Around their necks they are each wearing matching "scarves" that they made (long chain stitch ropes).

After a recent visit to Michael's, I am now stocked with enough bulky yarn to continue my crochet obsession.  There is a sweater pattern in the book that is adorable!!

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Carole said...

Wow, you've got skills, Momma Corley! ;) I'm loving the hats and scarves - and the beautiful girls wearing them, of course! So glad to see you writing. I'm looking forward to being a regular. love, Carole