three gifts

I am giving myself parameters this year for giving gifts to my three children:
  1. An experience (inspired by Anna at Pleasant View Schoolhouse and the Christmas trips she gives her children.
  2. A toy (because they are fun!)
  3. Something practical
One of the things I get caught up in during the holiday season is buying things that look good at the time or in the store, but which my children (or anyone else for that matter) don't need.  Or really, don't even want!  I am hoping these guidelines will lead to a more peaceful and meaningful gift-buying and receiving experience in my family this year. 

I want our family Christmas to be focused on Christ, on waiting for Him and receiving Him as the best and most perfect gift.  We will be giving gifts to Jesus through the World Vision, Samaritan's Purse and Compassion gift catalogs.  We will be using the simple and stunning wreath made by Caleb Voskamp, which we purchased last year, to help us meaningfully walk out the days of Advent.  The Jesse Tree Advent devotional by his mama, Ann, will also be our companion.  

I don't want a Hallmark Christmas.  I want a Christ-focused Christmas full of peace, light, love and the holy joy of waiting for the birth of Jesus.  I desire my gift giving to be meaningful and practical, just like the wise men who came to worship and bow down before the new born King. 

What are your plans for peace this season?   

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